Improve Product Engagement
With The Augmented Reality App

A powerful solution for creating branded mobile apps for
furniture and home decor companies

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Truly Advanced
E-commerce Solution

Truly Advanced
E-commerce Solution

  • A white-label app for iOS and Android with all the features you need to successfully demonstrate and sell your products.
  • Deep customization and futher development on demand.
  • Design enhanced by our 8 years of experience in e-commerce mobile app development.
  • Providers profitable results with a unique experience your customers will love

How Does It Work?

  • 1. The buyer downloads your branded app from the App Store or Google Play
  • 2. The buyer "tries" your furniture in his/her home, and finds the most suitable placement
  • 3. The buyer can view the item from all sides and customize the color of the product according to your catalog offering
  • 4. The "testing" process engages the buyer to interact with the product

Longer interaction with products


Sales growth through mobile channel


Reduced return rate after trying goods in AR

Your Benefits


Competitive advantage

Provide buyers and designers with a unique opportunity to "try" your furniture in Augmented Reality

Better Offerings

Advantages of the app include a responsive interface and faster load times when compared to the mobile version

New promotion channel

Promote your new-branded app in AdWords, FB, IG, etc. and attract new potential buyers

Customer communication channel

You can quickly respond to buyers’ questions in a convenient online chat format

Customer return channel

Return customers through push notifications, collect email contacts, and integrate a loyalty program

Various Smart Themes

We will customize app design and
functionality to your brand.



UI Elements


App Icons

Seamless Integrations

Demo Apps

Install our demo apps and see how Augmented Reality works.


iOS 11, iPhone 6S and newer

Requirements: Android 7.0

List of supported devices

Why Choose Us?

Off-the-shelf solution

You pay much less than it would cost to build from scratch

Short deadline

Delivery of customized Mobile app with your catalog within 4 weeks

3D models

We adapt your 3D models or produce new ones using CAD drawings

Full AR technology

3D models are displayed as realistically and stably as possible

Client corrections

We will brand the app for you and make corrections at your request

CRM integration

Manage your catalog and leads from your CRM

Deep expertise

Our work is backed by 8-years experience in app development and operation with proven results

No risks

Pay after checking the working prototype with basic features



For free

Send us one sample 3D model and try it in our demo app.


Starting at $10,000 (iOS + Android)

Lifetime license to use the white-label mobile app with basic features.


Contact us

Complex solutions which we will perfectly fit to your brand and goods.